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Hi everyone, I am John and I have been a Palm tree enthusiast for the past twenty years. My passion began after returning from a holiday in Hawaii and purchasing my first palm from a garden centre in my home town here in New Zealand. This was a Phoenix Canariensis and although lacking the truely tropical and exotic look it took my fancy as it was a reminder of Palm fringed white sand beaches bathed in warm sunshine and clear blue warm ocean.

From there the passion developed into what could almost be described as an obsession with Palm seed being collected and germinated, seedlings being purchased to grow on and eventually an adjoining 600m2 piece of land purchased in order to build a nursery area and shade house.

I have experienced many failures, mainly from attempting to grow some of the less cold hardy varieties in our temperate climate where winter can be cold, wet and frosty with temperatures dipping to – 6 Centigrade some nights, (definitely not a Mediterranean climate) with the combination of wet and cold being the deadly enemy of many of the sub tropical to tropical palm varieties. Fortunately we are able grow the likes of Kentia, Bangalow, Dypsis and many other not so cold hardy species at our sea side holiday home thus creating that tropical resort ambiance that I love so much.

I have learnt and continue to do so from talking to experts, reading books, looking at websites, trial and error and making lots of mistakes. Joining a Palm society relevant to your location is also great way to learn more about which species are most suited to where  you live.

If ever you need any help or advise with growing Palms I would be more than happy to help, simply leave a message on my email below and make sure you visit my site regularly  as I am always updating with new information that I would love to share with you, that I hope you will find interesting.

All the best with your Palm tree growing endeavours and thank you for visiting my site.






Founder of The Palm Place.


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